dear weekend

dear weekend,

it took us a while to get our ish together but we made it and here we are and better late than never, right.  right?

so this past week i came upon THE WALL.  the blogging wall that no matter how hard i tried, how long i stared at the screen, how many other blog posts i read i felt no inspiration.  how many ootd posts can i do wearing the same sweater?  who cares how many cups of coffee i drank while doing countless baskets of laundry?  not even pinterest could work it's pretty pretty picture magic.

weekend, i'm not sure exactly when you turned things around but you brought the blue skies and open windows and all-you-can-eat korean barbecue and the words, THE WORDS, they have returned.  the house is now full with the sound of gotye on repeat and the clickity clack of keyboard keys.  you have turned me into the blogging nora roberts.  productivity, yo.

it may have been your friday night of beer, hot dogs and 'jay and silent bob'.  or it may have been the midnight dairy queen run.  or simply the six hours of uninterrupted sleep {probably brought on by the aforementioned all-you-can-eat tofu and sticky rice fest}.  whatever it was i am so grateful you came into my life.

weekend, thank you.  see you in five.