thrift - fore!

true story: fully aware that it was 99cent sweater day at salvation army i ventured in with comfortable shoes, a full stomach and extra patience.  it was mostly for nought as when i arrived i discovered a group of bewildered folks with open mouths and confused eyes watching a woman - one woman - who had filled three carts with every LITERALLY EVERY mens sweater in the store.  she was going through each sweater individually, putting back the ones she didn't care for, one by one.

somebody tell me there is not some kind of thrifting etiquette that states this behaviour is unacceptable.  fellow thrifters, weigh in on this, please?

but in the end i showed her!  i found this yellow gem of a cardi in the boy's department.  i figure brian and i can share it.

i love the peppy preppy colour, the authentic golf crest and the vintage tag.  also, the fact that it was 99cents.

as for the rack attacking crazy woman i can only hope that everything she ended up taking home has a permanant thrift store smell and suspect stains.

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