pajamas are for suckas

so it was seven o'clock on saturday night and i was in  my fanciest pajamas {what, with being saturday night and all} and the phone rang and it was jenn and she said the words impromptu girl's night, board games, hummus, rock band and i hung up the phone and was in the shower before she could complete 'sweet potato fries with garlic mayo'.
i was so excited to be wearing real clothes at ten-thirty on a weekend.

shirt {reitmans}
key necklace {???}
jeans {reitmans}
slippers {gift from mum}

perhaps a little too excited?

so if not wearing flannel is what it takes to partake in pita and dip and guacamole and bruschetta and and and... then i should start wearing outside clothes all the time.  a little motown and some laughs make for a perfect girl's night.  also, i discovered i am both really really good and really really bad at pictionary.

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