catching up

i took a little bit of time away.  i didn't mean for it to go this long but the longer i was away the more resolved i became to KEEP AWAY, and to post when i was ready and to post quality work - not just posting for posting sake.  so to those who waited, thanks for hanging in there.  i love this blog and i love that you are here.  even if i am not here quite as often.  but with more purpose.  makes sense?  good, let's continue.

i would also like to quickly address the google reader issue.  from what i understand, because i am a blogger blog we will be able to continue connecting through your google reader, but to make things easier for those who are changing to a different reader i can also be found on

you know, just in case.

i did a little reshuffling and updated my bloglovin' reader to make sure i don't miss out on posts from any of my favorite non-blogger blogs.  so far, i don't like it.  but it's new and change is scary so i will stick with it and hope that one day soon they add a "search by keyword" feature.  bloglovin', get on that soontimes, kay?  (some of you may have noticed that i removed myself from your gfc, but that only means that you were added to my bloglovin' reader.  i went ahead and did that before i realized how much i preferred my google reader.  sorry.)

so where have i been and what have i been up to during my hiatus, you ask?  well, i certainly wasn't perfecting my recipe for beans on toast while playing hours of arkham city if that's what you think.  except that it totally was.  it totally was.