small things - in the laundry room

small things make the biggest difference.  pennies turn into dollars and small steps begin journeys.


  • use no more than the manufacturers recommended amount of soap to get the most out of your purchased washing powder or liquid
  • add a cup of vinegar to your wash to safely brighten colours, remove odours, reduce static and prevent moldy stuff from occurring in your washer
  • line dry when possible, use a clothes rack or, like me, your apartment heat radiators
  • two washer loads can make one dryer load... it may take a bit longer drying two loads but 150% is still 50% less than 200%.  math, yo.
  • if you use dryer sheets, save them after for dusting along baseboards and tabletops - great for catching hair
  • socks with no mates make fantastic cleaning rags - keep a bag in your cleaning cupboard to collect all the orphan socks
  • SHINY PIGEON shared a great tip: use a safety pin to mark those socks that are being used as rags to make them easy to separate when folding your clean laundry.  brilliant, no?
  • hand wash your delicates in a full sink and hang dry in the tub.  why use a full washer load of water for a few pieces?
  • orrrrr... you can throw your delicates in with your regular wash by tying them in an old pillow case or a cotton mesh bag.  this prevents delicates from getting tangled up with heavier items.
and finally

  • the stuff you clean out of your lint trap can go into your compost bin.  who knew?