Twelve for Twelve

1.  Get out of debt
Keep.  Plugging.  Away.
2.  Finish the half-done projects around the apartment or move out
Yes, I am side-eyeing you, bright yellow washroom.  And you half painted living room.  It's time to stop putting these tasks off because we "may" move someday.  If today is not that someday I need to stop living in an ugly house.
3.  Eat more fruits and vegetables
We will stop buying junk food and start buying fruits and vegetables. I am generally too lazy to go to the store so I eat what is in the house.  If all that is available is good stuff it stands to reason that this is what will be consumed.
4.   Go outside
I love the inside.  Inside provides me with tele, internet, climate control and comfortable places to sit.  But outside promises fresh air, waves "hello", neighbourly gossip and maybe new in-person friends.
5.  Do more charity work
I always have such fun with fundraisers and charity walks and things.  I want to do more.
6.  Join a book club...
...and if I still can't find one that sounds promising then I will start my own, dammit!
7.  Become more active in the church
I have faith coming out the ying-yang.  Now it's time to share that faith in a legit place... because drinking coffee in my living room until noon on a Sunday shouldn't be an every week kind of event, you know?
8.  Be a better blogger
I will do my best to blog more confidently, even if it's not quite as frequently, reply to the comments I appreciate so much in a timely manner, and show my face in photos.  One of these may be a little more difficult than the others.  {I leave it to you to guess which one.}
9.  Get pregnant
10.  Adopt an animal
When and if and what kind depends greatly on the decision we make regarding staying in this apartment or moving.  In the meantime I will continue to enjoy cuddles from Jenn's girlie pugs.
11.  Make progress with/ Conquer my anxiety
I have put this off long enough.  I am blessed enough to live in an age where help is available and I am going to get healthy again.  I will blog more about my anxiety issues at another time.  It's not something I am ashamed of, it's just something I have always had a hard time finding the words for.
12.  Do not feel guilty if all of these things do not happen at once
What is that they say about life happening when we're busy making plans?  Oh, that is the quote?  Gotcha.